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Fabiola Munguia

May 5, 2022



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What's New at Secfix: April 2022

In this round-up of product updates, we’re excited to highlight that we’ve built a new integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a brand new asset inventory, a policy management tool, improvements on our me page and more. Let’s dive in!

Welcome to the integration family, AWS!

Secfix has built read-only integrations with many of the tools you’re already using, so you can spend less time collecting evidence and more time building products. We’ve recently added and enhanced an integration with AWS!

Connecting to your Cloud Service Provider

Secfix connects now with Amazon Web Services (AWS)!

Companies can now save hundreds of hours per year by connecting AWS to Secfix instead of manually testing and collecting manual evidence when new assets are deployed.

The biggest benefits:

- Run checks in your AWS cloud infrastructure

- Automatically export cloud assets to your asset inventory

Meet our brand new asset inventory page!

Asset Inventory Page

Tired of updating every time your excel sheet which contains all you company assets? No need to worry anymore!

With the brand new asset inventory page you’ll have a complete and up-to-date inventory list that is essential to a successful compliance project.

Secfix gathers information about your AWS, GCP or Azure configuration and laptops with the Secfix app and loads this information on the inventory page.

For other components (e.g. printers, keyboards, etc.), you can also manually enter components that are within your organization's control or on your corporate network.

With this new feature, you can track goods from one end to the other along your supply chain. This way you'll make sure you always know what you have, where it is and how to manage it.

You can also filter by inventory asset category. That means you are now able to filter all the digital assets you have in the Secfix platform.

Meet our Policies Page!

Policies Page

Secfix Policies Page is a tool where you can manage all of your policies in one single place. It will allow you to enforce processes around your company’s security policies that are both good practices and required for the audit.

With our brand new Policies page you can:

  • Upload policies
  • View document
  • Download policies
  • (For security/compliance) Approve 
  • View version and approval history 
  • Delete
  • Assign set of policies to employees

Onboard your employees on our me page!

Me Page

Employees need to be aware of their roles and responsibilities at your company and become familiar with security best practices.

So, when you onboard new team members, it is important that you have a clean and structured process. Secfix offers a smooth and compliant onboarding process via the me page.

Each employee will be able to conduct the following tasks:


In a real startup, you learn every day along the way. So what did we fix?

Me page

Users can upload security training certificates

Users can download policy documents

Azure Connection

Azure credentials saving issues resolved

Azure connections has a validation process

Task Page

Task page only shows the tasks that are generated through active connections

Policy Page

413 error when uploading resolved

Only active policy documents are shown to users

Focus on building Security and run Compliance in the background

Secfix has the largest partner network of pentesting companies and auditors in EU and can reduce the time, effort and cost for an ISO 27001 certification with its software.

non-binding and free of charge

Fabiola Munguia

Fabiola is the Co-Founder of Secfix. Her passion is to build things that people love and enjoy life to its fullest. She is a surf enthusiast and loves to travel around the world.

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