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TISAX® certification is required by most major German OEMs and their partners in the automobile production and distribution chain.

Protect your company

By implementing TISAX® requirements, you can protect your own Company assets against unauthorized access.

Lead the industry

Organization that can prove its TISAX® compliance has a competitive edge over others who do not, making it trustworthy.

Your certification according to TISAX® made easy with Secfix

Automate up to 90% of the work for TISAX®

Secfix removes the complexity of completing an TISAX audit by integrating to your company’s tech stack - like Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP, Office 365, Personio, Jira, Github and more.

Secfix creates an automated checklist with 250+ checks that shows you what the company needs to do to get and stay compliant.

Build and maintain a flexible ISMS

Use our library of customizable and auditor-aproved security policies and security trainings, focusing on TISAX®'s core areas: information security organization, asset management, physical protection, access management, incident response, and more.

Approve and publish all of your policies to your employees – all through our portal.

TISAX® expertise always in house

Secfix isn’t just an automation platform to speed up the certification. It provides you with a dedicated team to guide you step by step.

Your Customer Success Manager will support you through implementation and our in-house TISAX experts will help you navigate every stage of the process.

Companies permanently stay compliant by using Secfix as a security monitoring tool


Before Secfix

  • No clear overview of what is required of a company to obtain a TISAX certificate

  • Building an ISMS from different sources –  random policies, excel sheets, painful and long word documents

  • Takes at least 12 to 15 months to implement

  • Completing security questionnaires for OEMs every week with 100+ pages.

  • Expanding to other standards like ISO 27001, GDPR or SOC 2 means you need to spend the same amount of effort again


With Secfix

  • Automated checklist with 250+ checks that shows what needs to be done to become and stay compliant

  • Customizable and auditor-approved policy templates. We’re TISAX certified ourselves.

  • Only 6-12 weeks of work and save hundreds of engineering hours

  • Speed up OEM sales cycles. Say goodbye to tedious questionnaires!

  • Get closer to multi-standard compliance with our progress tracking and automated control mapping

Our team is here for you 24/7!

At Secfix, you’re not alone! You’ll have access to an assigned Customer Success Manager who will provide you with a weekly project plan and check-in sessions as well as access to in-house TISAX experts to help you before, during and after the audit. Our team also helps with ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISO 27018 and many more frameworks.

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Download free TISAX roadmap

Step-to-step guide where you will learn:

  • A breakdown of the steps you need to take before approaching the assessment on TISAX®

  • What result you should aim for

  • Who from your organisation needs to be involved

  • How long the assessment on TISAX® typically takes

  • What deliverables to create at each step

  • Estimated times for each step based on our experience working with other businesses

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What is TISAX®?

TISAX® (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) is a widely recognized information security assessment and exchange mechanism predominantly employed within the automotive industry.

How long does it take to prepare for TISAX®?

The time required to prepare for the TISAX® certification can vary significantly depending on the existing security measures in place and the level of compliance needed. Typically, it can take several months to a year for an organization to adequately prepare for TISAX® certification.

Who needs a certification according to TISAX®?

Organizations within the automotive industry and its supply chain, handling sensitive information, such as customer data and intellectual property, typically require TISAX® certification to ensure the security of their information management systems.

Who audits TISAX®?

TISAX audits are typically conducted by accredited audit providers. These providers are independent organizations authorized by the ENX Association, which manages the TISAX® assessments. They ensure that the assessment process is conducted in accordance with the TISAX® requirements.

Is TISAX® international?

TISAX is primarily focused on the automotive industry. While it is not an international standard in the same way as ISO certifications, TISAX® is increasingly recognized and utilized by automotive companies worldwide, especially in Europe. It is gaining global recognition as a benchmark for information security in the automotive supply chain.

How long is a certification according to TISAX® valid?

3 Years!

Which frameworks can Secfix help with?

ISO 27001, TISAX®, GDPR, SOC2, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 27701 and more!

An OEM is asking if I have TISAX®, what should I do?

If an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is asking whether your organization has TISAX® certification, it is crucial to respond honestly and transparently. If your organization does not have TISAX certification, you can communicate this fact and express your willingness to explore the possibility of obtaining the certification to meet their requirements.

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