Ksenia UX/UI Designer at Secfix ISO 27001
Jessica Doering

March 30, 2022



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Meet the team at Secfix: Ksenia Pavliuchik

Ksenia is our passionate UI/UX designer responsible for the design and user experience of our product.

She was born in Volgograd (Russia) and spent a decade of university and professional years in Moscow, now she lives in Berlin.

Ksenia's unique skills with years of experience in content creation, entertainment, marketing and communication give her a broader vision of the business along with design thinking skills and a user-centric mindset.

She is always open to new interesting projects and challenges. So it's also very exciting to know that she worked in the film industry for 4 years! She was the editor-in-chief of a streaming service for 2 years, has worked as a journalist and was also an expert in corporate culture and internal communication in another company. CUT! 

Needless to say, her career path is full of experiments and adventures, one of which is to shift her focus to the technology industry and become an interaction designer.

And what does this woman do in her "personal life"? She loves to travel, explore the world and other cultures! This is a fitting moment to reveal Ksenia's motto "Human rights and equal opportunities for all people in the world". Accordingly, in 10 years she sees herself with enough experience and money to work on her own projects that benefit society and the environment - without thinking about profit.  

She also enjoys sitting on her comfy couch with a good book or watching anything by Wes Anderson. ("His symmetry, his colors, his composition, his storytelling - a pure delight for the designer's eyes and brain.")

She has also started growing a small jungle at home, but needs to work on the mortality rate of her plants. 

And when she is not at home, she dances to techno in the clubs of Berlin. The fact is, if you party with her, you definitely won't be disappointed! There are many witnesses outta there...

What does she think in general about the importance of cybersecurity these days?

"We all know how we will benefit from a secure online life - both businesses and individuals. But the way to get there is still very complicated and full of obstacles. As users, we face the risk of losing our data on the one hand, and the risk of over-regulation and censorship on the other. As a business, the risk of breaches and complicated, unnecessary requirements are difficult to manage. At Secfix, we try to help both sides."

Focus on building Security and run Compliance in the background

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