Israel UX/UI Designer at Secfix ISO 27001
Jessica Doering

March 30, 2022



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Meet the Team at Secfix: Israel Adetuwo

„Who doesn’t want to be secure?“ Israel Adetuwo - Product Designer!

If you want to learn some dance steps, he is the right teacher for you. And if you have a muscle strain afterwards, he can also help you, because he is also a certified trainer in physiotherapy. A true chameleon. So it's no wonder that when asked what he would like to make a difference in the world with a snap of his fingers, he answered: Free healthcare for all people on this globe.

Israel is a Digital Product Designer and User Experience (UX) Researcher.

With over 3 years experience in UX research, Service Design, User Interface Design (UI), Interaction Design, Design Ops and Brand Experience he joined Secfix October this year.

At Secfix, he designs the experience and interface for the website and the digital product Secfix offers. He is the real mastermind behind every user touch point and is using his experience to create the most user-friendly solution for automation of security and compliance ever seen. At Secfix, we're customer obsessed and users should always have a smooth experience with our services, and Israel is working to make that happen.

He was born and lives in Lagos, Nigeria. So, it's no wonder he was recently named one of Nigeria's top 50 young techies in the Enyata Tech Contest.

Israel has a knack for solving complex problems with research- and data-driven design. He keeps users at the forefront of all design decisions. He does his best to balance business and user needs by creating seamless user experiences, using aesthetic interfaces that provide users with engaging and memorable experiences.

He is involved in every stage of the design process, from exploration, requirements analysis, visual design strategy and ideation, functional specification, process flow, user flow, wire flow, prototyping, to user testing and scaling.

In 10 years, he would like to have his own company, a combination of technology and health, but until then, he plays drums and watches movies in his spare time, like his favorite movie, "Three Idiots." If you know that movie, you get his motto in life: Just do it. Sorry Nike.

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