Decryption of TISAX: Main beneficiaries and reasons
Jessica Doering

February 23, 2024



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TISAX®: Who needs it and why

Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX®) has become an important framework, particularly in the automotive industry, providing a standardized approach to assessing and managing information security. But who exactly needs TISAX®, and why? 

In this blog, we take a look at the industries and companies that benefit most from TISAX® compliance. But who is actually driving the TISAX® seal? TISAX® was developed by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) and is managed by the ENX Association, which monitors the quality of implementation and the results of the assessments.

So take a look at who should consider the TISAX® seal… 

Automotive Industry Stakeholders

TISAX® was developed specifically for the automotive industry and includes manufacturers, suppliers and service providers within the supply chain. Companies in the automotive industry that handle sensitive information such as product designs, manufacturing processes and customer data are prime candidates for TISAX® compliance. These include original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their extensive network of suppliers.

Data-Driven Organizations

Any organization inside or outside the automotive industry that processes, stores or transmits sensitive information, especially personal and proprietary data, can benefit from TISAX®. This includes companies that are active in the areas of technology development, research and innovation and where information security is a high priority.

Supply Chain Partners

For companies that are part of a larger supply chain, even if they are not directly active in the automotive industry, TISAX® can be beneficial. As supply chains become more interconnected, so does the risk of data breaches and cyber threats. TISAX® compliance can be a valuable differentiator as it demonstrates a commitment to sound information security practices.

Service Providers Handling Sensitive Information

Organizations that provide services such as IT support, cloud services or software development that involve access to sensitive information may need to undergo a TISAX® assessment. This ensures that the services provided meet the required information security standards.

Regulatory Compliance Requirements

In some cases, regulators or certain contracts may require compliance with TISAX®. Organizations operating in regions where TISAX® is recognized as the standard for information security may need to adapt to these requirements to ensure compliance and participate in industry collaboration.

Global Market Access

TISAX® certification is increasingly becoming a passport to the global automotive market. Many OEMs require their suppliers to be TISAX® compliant, opening doors to international collaborations and market access.

In a world where cyber threats are constantly evolving, TISAX® provides a structured and recognized framework for improving information security. Although originally developed for the automotive industry, the principles and practices of TISAX® can be applied to any organization that deals with sensitive information.

The decision to become TISAX® compliant often results from a combination of industry expectations, legal requirements and the obligation to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. By adopting TISAX®, organizations can not only strengthen their information security, but also position themselves as trusted partners in an interconnected global landscape.

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