Secfix Security & Compliance Series:

Mastering ISO 27001: Empowering Your Business through Automation!

Thursday, 29.06.2023 12pm CET

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A webinar for executives and cybersecurity professionals to learn about ISO 27001 automation, share expertise, learn best practices, and enjoy a productive experience.

In this webinar you will learn more about:

- What is ISO 27001 and how does it help grow my business?
- How long does it take to get certified?
- How to get ISO 27001 certified in weeks instead of months with Secfix?
- Real Use Case: How an SME in the technology industry got certified in less than 5 weeks.

Overall, the webinar will provide valuable information and insights on how you can leverage automation to improve your organization's ISO 27001 compliance and drive business growth.

12:00 - 12:05 (CET) | Virtual Networking
12:05 - 12:25 (CET) | What is ISO 27001 and how to automate it - An insight into the Secfix Demo.
12:25 - 12:45 (CET) | Use Case: "How an SME in the technology industry became certified in less than 5 weeks.”
13:45 - 13:00 (CET) | Q&A Session

Fabiola Munguia
Co-Founder & CEO at Secfix
Security compliance is an important but also complex topic for SMEs. Our mission at Secfix is to help SMEs become and stay ISO 27001 compliant in weeks rather than months.

What is ISO 27001?

The ISO 27001 standard is like a TÜV seal for companies in terms of IT security. It helps organizations organize their people, processes and technologies to ensure the confidentiality, availability and integrity of information. The focus of the ISO 27001 standard is on an organization's information security management systems (ISMS). This describes how information security is integrated into the company's business processes.

Getting ISO 27001 Certified

Obtaining an ISO 27001 certification is a long and tedious process. However, there are many reasons to get an ISO 27001 certification:

  • You are on track to close a deal with an important customer
  • You belong to the KRITIS and regulated companies (e.g. DiGA)
  • You want to reduce the risk of being personally liable as a CEO.

But when and why should your company get ISO 27001 certified? And how can you get certified in weeks instead of months? You can find all the answers in our blogs.