Personio integration with Secfix for automated HR compliance
Fabiola Munguia

June 13, 2024



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Personio Integration with Secfix

Secfix has already crafted seamless integrations with the platforms you rely on daily, so you can focus less on administrative compliance tasks and more on what matters—growing your business. This month, we're excited to introduce our newest member to the integration family: Personio!

How the Integration Works

User Provisioning: Onboarding just got easier! Connect Personio with Secfix, and watch as new hires are automatically added to the Secfix platform when they're entered into Personio. This automation speeds up the process, ensuring that everyone is set up for compliance success right from their start date.

Employee Compliance: Keep your compliance data consistent and precise without lifting a finger. Any updates in Personio to employee details are instantly reflected in Secfix, guaranteeing your records are always up-to-date and compliant.

Employee Offboarding: Security doesn't stop when an employee leaves. Automatically deactivate departing employees' Secfix accounts based on their termination dates in Personio, maintaining the integrity of your security protocols without extra steps.

How to Setup Personio

1. Navigate to Connections, scroll down to HR systems and choose Personio.

2. Copy the client ID and client secret fields from Personio to the fields in Secfix. Do not retain, save or print the client ID or client secret.

3. Choose which data shall be synced.

4. Click on "Submit"

Automate Your Compliance

Embracing ISO 27001 certification or maintaining SOC 2 compliance doesn't have to be complicated. With Secfix's new integration with Personio, small and medium-sized businesses can automate much of the manual work involved in compliance, saving precious time and resources.

Focus on building Security with Compliance in the background

Secfix has the largest EU auditors network and minimizes time, effort and cost through its platform.

non-binding and free of charge

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