Branko Džakula - responsible for Security and Compliance at Secfix
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March 30, 2022



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Meet the team at Secfix: Branko Džakula

Branko Džakula - Stop running in circles, ask a professional! 

With over a decade of experience as an InfoSec Executive, Engineer and Researcher, Branko Džakula supports companies in developing, maintaining and implementing a comprehensive Information Security Management System with most up-to-date best practices tailored to the needs and culture of the company in Incident Management, GRC, Data Privacy, Education & Awareness, Secure SDLC and Security Products development encompassing the best out of following frameworks: NIST, ISO 27001, SOC 2, HITRUST, CCPA, GDPR and BSI.

Boom! Okay, Branko, the Advisor, Researcher and Educator is the CISO of Secfix. Period.  

Cybersecurity and Compliance Expert for ISO 27001

As our Cybersecurity & Compliance Expert he worked from early startup environments to big international corporations covering the telco, airline, hospitality, healthcare, security, service delivery, consulting and fintech industries. 

Well folks, the list of expertise doesn't stop, so let's take a breath...

Branko is from Herceg Novi, Montenegro, he likes movies by Quentin Tarantino and especially BBC documentaries by David Attenborough. Great stuff btw. 

When you talk to him, the first thing you will notice is his voice. The man not only knows what he's talking about, it sounds fantastic. He hasn't tried his hand at singing yet, but he paints and draws great. That was to be expected, of course, and with so much talent. 

Branko with one of his masterpieces

So let’s move to his career path.

He started his professional career at Telenor Montenegro, where he gained deep insights into data transmission and its security. From 2G to 5G networks, he observed the evolution of data transmission and the accompanying evolution of security. Years later, he moved to a Serbian airline, Air Serbia, where he had the opportunity to build an Information Security Management System (ISMS) from scratch. Securing a major airline is no easy task. 

He then worked for a young software development company, DevTech, as a step towards an advanced market and a testament to their relentless efforts to stay at the top of the game by working on the latest technology and implementing modern security best practices. 

His career then took him to Germany, where he led a security team in the OTA industry, protecting the data of millions of travelers. After that, it took him to the healthcare industry, where he took responsibility for protecting highly sensitive confidential data across two continents for the first time and implemented an ISMS from a new perspective.

Puh, how is it even possible that his motto for life is „Infinite chill!“ How are you chilling Bro? We should do a mental strength podcast! 

Expert for the implementation of an ISMS in companies

At Secfix he supports companies in developing, maintaining and implementing a comprehensive Information Security Management System.

In doing so, he realizes how undervalued security is. He feels he could have been even more active online in influencing young people to take this career path, and in educating the public and business leaders about the importance of practicing good safety in both their personal and business lives. Branko, you're still young yourself.

What kept him going as a CISO was that he kept his cool in hot situations, never compromised security for operational efficiency but used tradeoffs to help both sides succeed, was an enabler not a denier, the voice of reason and a strong communicator who never stopped learning.

As a security researcher and educator, he is committed to better understanding how network security systems work and exploring new approaches to creating a security and privacy-minded culture in the digital age, as well as working on educational approaches and materials to increase security awareness among target audiences. So, of course, he has published a lot and has been a speaker on various stages. This list is also very long... this blog would explode. 

But at least it should be mentioned that he is an active member of IEEE, ISACA, ISC2, and ResearchGate.

Branko is a resourceful, determined person who maintains a positive, proactive and calm attitude when faced with adversity. And he is damn funny too! He delivers what is promised and when it is promised.

What about cybersecurity 2022?

What does he think about the stage of Cybersecurity these days: 

"When one major threat has passed, the next is already in full swing. Awareness is low and not keeping pace with the rapidly growing number of Internet users and the new security practices that need to be communicated and brought to the general public. There is a huge gap between national programs addressing these issues in different countries, from the leading countries in the West, to the struggling EU, to the almost non-existent in the South, or the downtrodden in the East - we still have a long way to go to catch up with cyber criminals on a global scale“

Where does he see himself in 10 years: „Well probably on my 40th birthday party.. chillin’, infinitely”

Behind the scenes, I asked him what he would do with a snap of his fingers: Reset the entire evolution, but this time dogs run the show! I fully concur with Branko!

Focus on building Security and run Compliance in the background

Secfix has the largest partner network of pentesting companies and auditors in EU and can reduce the time, effort and cost for an ISO 27001 certification with its software.

non-binding and free of charge

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