What does ISO 27001 cost?
Jessica Doering

February 23, 2024



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How much does ISO 27001 cost and how long does it take?

Is an ISO 27001 certification really necessary for my company? Is the investment worthwhile for entrepreneurs? Are CEOs actually aware of how they should protect their company against cyber attacks? Because these can cause devastating damage to businesses. From damaging the reputation all the way to bankruptcy. It’s time to think about it!

What does it cost to get ISO 27001?

The cost of an ISO 27001 certification depends on the size of the organization and the number of employees, which in turn helps to determine the time required to audit the organization.
Depending on the size of a business and the number of activities and employees, implementing an Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on ISO 27001 can be complex and thus generates different compositions of costs. The most common costs involved are the preparation for the audit, the certification and the surveillance audits.

What does an ISO 27001 certification cost?

The cost of an ISO 27001 certification (only the audit) varies between 6.000 euros and 10.000 euros for smaller companies and up to 25.000 euros for larger companies.

If you add on top the whole preparation for ISO 27001, if it is done manually (not with Secfix), it can range from 15.000 euros to 35.000 euros for smaller companies and at least 60.000 to 100.000 euros for larger companies.

Additionally, the auditors of the certification body will conduct regular surveillance audits in the second and third year of certification. This might cost companies between 1.500 euros and 3.500 euros.

The phases of ISO 27001

The ISO 27001 standard involves going through a PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) process, identifying internal and external challenges, threats and gaps that need to be addressed.

The Plan phase establishes for an organization, the context and scope of the ISMS. Within the Do phase, ISMS policies, controls, processes and procedures are implemented, including a risk assessment and plan to address threatening future events.

This sounds like a very large time commitment! Based on experience, implementation typically takes several months, but can take a year or even longer.

That's where Secfix comes in...

Achieve ISO 27001 certification in weeks instead of months.

Through a systematized approach and clearly structured action items, Secfix helps your organization in a clear and concise way to achieve an ISO 27001 implementation faster and more cost-efficient, and helps you find certified bodies that can do the certification, which is valid for three years.

However, information security management does not stop after the successful ISO 27001 certification. During these three years, the ISMS must be managed and maintained. As long as the certification is valid, the auditors of the certification body will conduct regular surveillance audits in the second and third year of certification. This is how ISO, via external auditors and their independent assessment, determines whether your ISMS is functioning properly and the implemented controls continue to be effective in protecting your organization.

This sounds like a lot of work, control, and indeed monitoring, but with an ISO 27001, your organization can grow, evolve, and most importantly, ensure that your data, activities, and information are secure and, most importantly, remain secure in the face of security threats.

But with an ISO 27001 standard, companies also become more productive. Responsibilities are clearly defined. Because of a company's rapid growth, it also quickly becomes unclear who is responsible for which information. Information risks are tamed by ISO 27001!

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