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MIXMOVE provides flexible and modular solutions that reduce emissions and increase efficiency in logistics operations. The company's software allows users to deliver goods to its customers at the right time, with the right quality and cost.





Supply Chain



The Challenge

Meeting Growing Security Needs Efficiently with a Small Team

As MIXMOVE is a logistics SaaS company that has many enterprise customers, they were facing more and more security requirements. As a young company, they needed guidance on how best to position themselves to pass these requirements quickly and efficiently. It was clear they needed to prioritize security to accelerate growth and mitigate risk for their customers. Accomplishing this with a small team seemed really hard.

The Solution

Fast-Tracking Compliance with an Efficient, Scalable Platform

They were looking for a platform that would help them put their best foot forward today, and get them on the most efficient path towards a more sophisticated compliance posture down the road. Like most early companies, time was a pivotal piece here. They needed a solution that could get their security posture stood up quickly.

Why Secfix

Automated, Integrated, and Supported for Startups

After much searching and vendor comparison, they selected Secfix as the best platform provider based on:

  • An easy to use and highly automated platform
  • Integration with tooling (Google Workspaces, Azure, etc.) meant less work for their team
  • Access to a large auditing and security partner network (e.g. pentesting marketplace and 1Password partner program)
  • Startup-friendly policy templates
  • Top-notch customer support

Simplifying Security and Speeding Up Audit Readiness

The Secfix team helped MIXMOVE create the foundation for their security and data policies and provided a great customer experience during the whole process. Compared to previous audits the process to become audit-ready was much quicker and far less painful with Secfix.

Secfix has exceeded my expectations in every way. The process of creating security policies was a breeze. <blue-span> Getting ISO 27001 compliant with Secfix is a game-changer for the way that MIXMOVE is able to sell into larger companies<blue-span>. The Customer Success team has proven to be a valuable asset. They are so quick to answer questions, it’s very comforting knowing they’re there for us.

Luis Felipe Gutman

VP of Development @ MIXMOVE