How Sysarb optimized certification process with Secfix



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The Challenge

Align internal resources and securing management support

One of the biggest challenges Sysarb faced when they decided to get ISO 27001 was aligning internal resources and securing management support. Sysarb decided to search the market for automation platforms, and a valued customer recommended Secfix. Intrigued by the recommendation, Tobias,  Head of Infrastructure at Sysarb and his team decided to take a closer look at Secfix's services. After conducting a thorough comparative analysis with two other companies, they decided that Secfix offered the most comprehensive package of services to meet their needs.

The Solution

Secfix's assistance was invaluable throughout the process

Secfix's assistance proved invaluable throughout their certification process. Tobias highlights the policy templates provided by Secfix as a game-changer, streamlining their compliance efforts and providing clarity on necessary procedures. Additionally, the platform's collection of automated and manual evidence simplified the daunting task of gathering documentation for audits, ensuring they were well-prepared for scrutiny.

Why Secfix

Great support provided by Secfix

But beyond the tools and processes, Tobias emphasises the important role of the moral support provided by Secfix. Faced with the challenging task of certification, Tobias found support and guidance offered by the Secfix team, especially during difficult moments. This  support played an important role in boosting morale, which ultimately contributed to the success.


Sysarb successfully obtained ISO certification

With Secfix by their side, Sysarb successfully obtained ISO certification, marking a significant achievement for their organization.

Secfix enabled us to achieve the ISO 27001 certification swiftly and efficiently, a success we could not have accomplished without them.

Oscar Meivert

CEO Sysarb