How Golfmanager protects client assets with Secfix


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The Challenge

Navigating ISO 27001 certification without traditional consultants

When Golfmanager made the decision to pursue ISO 27001 certification, they opted against the traditional route of engaging consultants for assistance. As a forward-thinking software company, they recognized the value of leveraging a platform specifically designed for ISO 27001 preparation, understanding that it would greatly simplify their work.

The Solution

How Secfix streamlined Golfmanager's ISO 27001 certification process

Secfix played a pivotal role in Golfmanager's ISO 27001 certification journey, offering several key benefits:

  1. Minimized bureaucracy: Secfix has optimised the certification process, minimising bureaucracy and helping to ensure smoother compliance.
  2. Digitalization of Processes: By transitioning to digital formats, Secfix enabled Golf Manager to maintain records and documentation more efficiently, crucial for ISO compliance.
  3. Structured Methodology: Secfix provided a structured methodology for implementing and maintaining the Information Security Management System (ISMS), guiding Golf Manager through the certification process with clarity and precision.
Why Secfix

Ideal solution for Golfmanager's risk and employee management needs

Secfix offers a more organized and contemporary solution, perfectly attuned to Golfmanager's philosophy and requirements.

Favorite Secfix Features:

  • Risk Management Tool: Golfmanager found the risk management tool to be particularly beneficial, offering a specialized solution tailored to the unique challenges of ISMS implementation. Its specificity and effectiveness were unmatched, providing clarity on risk mitigation strategies.
  • Employee Management and Group Settings: Pablo appreciated Secfix's employee management features, which provided a comprehensive overview of each employee's status and streamlined administrative tasks. The ability to configure different settings for various employee groups enhanced efficiency and organization within the company.


Secfix boosted Golfmanager's efficiency and compliance

The streamlined processes, structured methodology, and user-friendly features of Secfix not only facilitated certification but also enhanced overall operational efficiency. As Golfmanager continues to grow and evolve, Secfix remains a trusted partner in their journey towards excellence in information security and compliance.

Secfix's SaaS platform has been a game-changer for our InfoSec management over the last two years, making everything more organized and boosting our security. The Secfix team is always offers help whenever we need. Their tool hasn’t just tidied up our security processes—it’s really taken our security strength to the next level.

Gorka Aracil

Technical principal in the areas of IT systems, infrastructure and information security