From Startup to Certified: Velaris' ISO Success Story with Secfix



Velaris is a startup in the customer success management industry, offering a platform that empowers customer success managers to enhance their customers' success. They provide a range of services to optimize sales conversations and improve customer satisfaction.




Customer Success

B2B SaaS



The Challenge

Navigating limited resources and startup constraints

Velaris faced a growing demand from potential clients inquiring about their ISO certification status. In order to remain competitive in the market, they recognized the importance of obtaining ISO certification. However, as a startup with limited resources and a small team, they were unsure of where to start and how to efficiently achieve certification.

The Solution

Guiding Velaris through ISO certification with clear direction

Velaris realized they needed guidance and support to navigate the ISO certification process. They turned to Secfix's automation tool as a solution. With Secfix's clear plan and guidelines, Velaris gained the direction they needed to pursue ISO certification.

Why Secfix

A reliable compliance platform and partner for small startups

Velaris chose Secfix as their ISO certification partner for its user-friendly platform and reputation as a reliable provider. Secfix's intuitive interface and accessible features made it suitable for Velaris' small startup team, enabling them to navigate the certification process efficiently without extensive resources. Positive references from other small companies in Europe further solidified their decision.


Velaris gains a competitive advantage through ISO 27001 certification

With Secfix's support, Velaris achieved ISO certification in just 10 weeks, exceeding their expectations. Secfix's clear plan, guidelines, and assistance from the customer success team were invaluable in guiding Velaris through the certification journey.Secfix's platform addressed Velaris' specific challenges, such as seamless integration with AWS for efficient asset management and compliance. The manual evidence and version control system streamlined ISO documentation, ensuring accurate records. Secfix's ability to identify non-compliant items and provide insights into IM roles helped Velaris strengthen their security posture.Velaris highly recommends Secfix to other small companies seeking ISO certification. The user-friendly platform, combined with exceptional guidance, played a pivotal role in their success. With ISO certification, Velaris can confidently assure potential clients of their commitment to security and leverage their certification for a competitive edge.

Secfix made our ISO certification journey seamless and efficient, enabling us to achieve certification in just 10 weeks while managing our daily tasks effortlessly.

Ruween Iddagoda

DevOps Engineer